The Ezy-Drain soakaway is a revolutionary product.

This makes the process of dispersing excess water into soil easier and more economical than traditional soakaway products.

Installation is simple, we will dig a trench in the appropriate location, place the Ezy-Drain in the trench and then backfill. We will make good of any surface we disrupt. The Ezy-Drain system does not require gravel or other aggregate products.

The soakaway pipes come in 3-metre lengths and can be joined up to create the size / capacity unit required. Pipes are twin walled pipes and include a geotex membrane, which allows stormwater or processed outflow from septic tanks to be slowly released into the ground.

Ezy drain has actually reshaped and redefined the whole process of treating waste water. This invention can not bloc as the others do. It does not block and can work with any type of septic tank and sewage treatment plant.