Livicons are Over 350 Icons animated vector icons (except brand names ones), so there are not any images like JPGs, PNGs or GIFs. All their appearance and behaviour are based on Javascript program code. So they can be animated or static, with any color and size with good look at usual and high resolution devices.

LivIcons Sizes

Define the size of the icon by simply using the “data-s” option provided in the plugin.

LivIcons Colors

Define the any color for the icons and ofcourse the color change on hover of an icon.

LivIcons Speed

Define the speed of the animation using the “data-s” option and you can have fast or slow animation.

LivIcons Loop

“Data-l” option can make the icon on mouse hover have the animation repeated at infinit.

LivIcons Wrapper

Animation is triggered when you hover over the parrent element of the icon.

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LivIcons Buttons

Can be used inside the theme button and the animation is trigered when the user hover the button.