The WPL Diamond

The WPL Diamond range of packaged sewage treatment plants is specifically designed for properties not connected to mains drainage.
Our unique sewage treatment system includes innovative features that makes it your number one choice.

Our commitment to the highest quality products,supported by our friendly, knowledgeable after sales service adds up to the best wastewater treatment solution on the market.

In domestic applications the Diamond comes in a range of sizes and can provide treatment for domestic population equivalents of up to 55 persons, meeting consent standards of 20mg/l Biological Oxygen Demand, 30mg/l Suspended Solids and 20mg/l Ammoniacal Nitrogen.

The Diamond is also an ideal wastewater solution for many commercial applications.

Typical domestic uses include:

  • Single houses
  • Small groups of houses, with maximum population equivalent  of  55 persons
  • Replacement of septic tanks

Typical commercial uses include:

  •  Offices
  • Factories
  • Bed and breakfasts
  • Farm shops
  • Other rural businesses




Diamond features

20mg/l BOD;30mg/1 SS; 20mg/l NH3

No settlement required, in a fully mixed aerobic reactor. Correct ventilation required.

Below ground installation with a small lidflush with the ground.

Compact design, reducing excavation and handling costs. Variable inlet depths available with a choice of extension kits.

Efficient, continuous, bacterial digestion process (DMC range usually requires annual de-sludging) .

No internal moving parts, reliable operation and minimal maintenance.

All weather, air blower kiosk fitted with a failure alarm beacon (+ second alarm beacon as standard for external pump chamber models).

Manufactured using high quality components. Load tested and water tight.


Protecting the Environment

WPL Diamond treats sewage to Environment Agency approved levels without the need to add chemicals. The final effluent can be safely discharged to a soak away, watercourse or ditch. Your plant comes complete with a kiosk and 10 metres of airline to connect the blower and tank.